Our research project, called FOSE,
Forms Of Social Engagement, is a triptych of physical and virtual theater pieces from which FOSE-V1 is its first episode.

A series of performances through which we want to refocus our participant’s attention back to the first tool of experiencing life, 
the prerogative of being human: the physical body and its communicative capacity vis-à-vis the surrounding world.

We want to encourage our audience to rediscover and decipher the complex inter-subjective field of human relations.

To help re-evaluate their use of the body as a tool of communication with themselves and others.

We believe there is a need to present contemporary interaction in its extremes: the opposition of the embodied social presence and the disappearance of the individual through digital media.

The first part of the triptych called FOSE-V1, is based on a modern form of hermit, originally emerging from Japan in the 1990 ’s : the Hikikomori.
A psychological current, that has since spread globally, where people deliberately shut themselves away from physical society to merely live life through digital connections.
Eventually reintroducing themselves into the social world after some months or even years, facing up to the problem of reintegration into the physical society status quo,
its own rules of behaviors, its own systems.

FOSE-V1 firstly presents the interaction between two individuals: a woman and a man that beyond gender, sexual or love connotations, introduce two humans facing each other with their similarities and differences.

Before coming in, you have been invited to switch ON your phone during the show and download an augmented reality application conceived for it. This app, supplanting visual informations on the intertwined bodies, allows you to circulate the dancers in your own way and look at the performance through a selection of perspectives.
Focusing on the difference between the screen and actual presence by carrying your own 4th wall with you. As you do every day.

FOSE-V1 allows  you then, to delve into the complexity of human non-verbal communication skills and the system of a 1 to 1 interaction.

There Research are made possible with the help of Stimuleringsfonds.