Clémentine Schmidt & Josse Vessies

Performance collective,
fascinated by human bodies
and interactions within
digital times.

Based in the Netherlands



Constantly modifying your stance to self invented needs, desires and feelings,
we believe, we are a part of the Harmonious  Interactive Positioning System just like you.  
A game of connection, retraction and positioning, the iterative process of life aimed at finding the perfect and ultimate position.
A physical system in which we are all engaged.

Faced with the fear of otherness, dominant dominated models and the oblivion of empathy,
we believe in the necessity to hack these systems of our time and re-invent our affective and corporeal links.

How do we interact together as humans in the era of Screens and mobile social-media?  

To answer this question, we believe in deconstructing the different modes and systems of communication to go back to the preamble: The Body.